Follow the steps below to locate a document in your account:

Transactions Tab

The Transactions tab is where you can go to search for all documents you have sent to your Trading Partners, received from your Trading Partners, or saved to your Fulfillment account. Performing a search for a document is the quickest and easiest way to locate it within your account. Check out our article on using Search Filters to help locate documents! 

Complete Orders

When you have completed all required return documents for a Purchase Order, it will move from the status of Open to Complete. Orders in the status of Complete will no longer appear within Open Orders on the Overview tab. These Purchase Orders can still be located by performing a search within the Transactions tab. You also have the ability to create additional return documents off of Orders in the status of Complete.

Archived Documents

Documents that have been archived will no longer appear in search results, unless otherwise specified in your search criteria. If you wish to locate documents that have been archived, when setting your search criteria within the Transactions tab, ensure that you have selected Include or All under Archived Documents.

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