Email Notifications  allows you to add email addresses that will receive an email when a new document is posted to your Fulfillment account. While we recommend that you check your Fulfillment account daily, email notifications are a useful tool to supplement monitoring your incoming documents. These email notifications provide the Trading Partner, document number, and type. 

Please note that responding to these email alerts will send an email to our Customer Support Team.

To edit who receives these notifications, follow the steps listed below: 

  1. Click on the Preferences tab, then Email Notifications
  2. Add email addresses in the Recipient(s) field with a comma and space separating each email address.  There is a 150 character limit in this field.  If you need more space than that, we recommend creating a distribution list. 
  3. Select your New Document Notification Format. Aggregate will send an email notification if any document has been posted to your account within the last 10 minutes.  One Per Partner will send an email per Trading Partner. Please note there is not a way to send notifications from certain Trading Partners to certain email addresses.
  4. Click Save Changes before navigating away.

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