If you were sent a document by your trading partner that you did not receive, first, see if you can find it in Fulfillment; review the article here.  If you still are unable to find it, please provide the following information to SPS Commerce Fulfillment Customer Support:

   • Document Number
   • Trading Partner
   • Document Type
   • Date Document Was Sent
   • Was the Document Received Through: Fulfillment/Email/Fax/By Phone/etc.
   • Was the Document Sent via EDI (yes, no, or not sure)
   • Any Additional Information 

Once we have this information, we can begin troubleshooting! We may reach out to you for additional clarification if needed. 

Example for Missing Order 123 Sent by General Store:

   • Document Number: 123
   • Trading Partner: General Store
   • Document Type: Purchase Order
   • Date Document Was Sent: 1/1/19
   • Was the Document Received Through: Fulfillment/Email/Fax/ByPhone/etc.: Yes,
through email and fax.
   • Was This Document Sent via EDI: Yes, confirmed with General Store that order
was sent through EDI.
   • Any Additional Information: We need to ship this order in two days.

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