Within Fulfillment, you have the ability to perform an action, such as printing, on multiple documents at once. To do so, follow the instructions listed below: 

  1. Locate your desired documents within the Transactions tab. 

  2. Check the box next to each document that you would like to include in your action.  If you want to include all documents on the page, check the box in the column header. 

  3. An Actions Panel will appear at the bottom of the screen. To see additional options, click the More Actions icon:

Please note that if not all documents you've selected are eligible for an action, the option will not appear.

  • Mark As Favorite – Favorited documents are searchable. 

  • Shipping Documents – Generate shipping documents. Please note that if criteria for the shipping documents is not met, they may not generate properly. 

  • Download CSV – Download your documents as a .CSV file.  A .CSV file can be opened in various programs on your computer, including Notepad and Microsoft Excel. 

  • Archive – Archived documents will not appear in search results, unless otherwise specified in your search criteria.

  • Unarchive - Any archived document can be unarchived. Unarchived documents will once again appear in search results.

  • Close Workflow – Manually close the workflow on the Orders. This will move the Orders from the status of Open to Complete, and remove them from the Overview tab. 

  • Create New – Create return documents for Orders all from the same Trading Partner. 

  • Print – Print your documents as they appear when you view them within Fulfillment. Use this option if you'd like to print to PDF.

Performing a Mass Action for More than 100 Documents

The select all option noted above will select all documents on your current page, but if you have multiple pages of search results that you wish to select, you can use the Page icons at the bottom of page to move across pages and make additional selections.

If you select more than 200 documents, certain action options, such as Download CSV, will no longer be available. 

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