Types of Document Errors

There are two types of errors that you will see in Fulfillment: 

  • Errors that occur within the SPS Commerce system. 

  • Errors that occur within your Trading Partner's system.

Errors Within the SPS System

Documents that have erred within the SPS Commerce system appear in the status of Error

If you have a document in the status of Error, contact SPS Commerce Customer Support to get assistance in correcting the error. 

Errors within the Trading Partner's System

Documents that have erred within your Trading Partner’s system appear in the status of Not Accepted

Trading Partners often communicate these errors in a return document referred to as either an Application Error Message, Error Message, or Text Message. 

If you receive one of these documents, reach out to your Trading Partner directly. As the error occurred in their internal system, they are the best source to clarify and provide additional information to resolve the issue. 

If you need additional assistance with the changes/corrections requested by your Trading Partner, or you do not see a document from your Trading Partner highlighting the error, reach out to SPS Customer Support.

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