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A one-click bridge from your document in Fulfillment to view its Delivery Details in Monitor
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The View Delivery Details link will only be clickable for users with Fulfillment Monitor access. If you do not have access to Monitor, reach out to your Organization Admin.


Previously, when looking at a document in Fulfillment, to view its Delivery Details, you would need to navigate to Fulfillment Monitor, then run a search for the document in question. Now, with a single click, you will be brought directly to the document’s Delivery Details within Fulfillment Monitor.


Streamline your Fulfillment experience! Is your Trading Partner disputing that a document was sent? Use Delivery Details to quickly see the document’s Delivery Method along with associated confirmation documents (Example: 997 Functional Acknowledgement).


  • First, locate a sent document. (The View Delivery Details link will only be present on documents that have been sent from Fulfillment.)

  • The View Delivery Details link is available in two places:

    1. On the Transactions tab, click on the Actions Icon of a document, click View Delivery Details.

    2. On the Document view, above the Workflow in the upper right corner, then click View Delivery Details.

  • A new tab will open in your browser and you are brought to the document in Fulfillment Monitor. The Delivery Details section is automatically expanded, displaying Source and Destination information.

  • Below the Source and Destination information the Destination File will display.

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