The Search Criteria fields are found at the top of the Order Performance dashboard. Adjusting the Search Criteria will filter the results in the reports displayed.

💡Blank fields in the Search Criteria indicate that no search restrictions have been set for those criteria fields.

Information is pulled directly from transactional data. Values that are desired for report parameters must be sent in the transactional data provided to SPS Commerce. For example, filtering by Department requires that Department is sent as a field on the Purchase Order.

Available Criteria Categories

Available criteria that can be set in the Search Criteria are:


Buyer Name


Supplier Name


Customer Order#

Supplier #

PO Type

Ship to Location #


Selecting Suppliers

If you are looking for summary information for a single supplier, select your desired date range and Supplier. If you are looking for summary information for all Suppliers, select your desired date range and leave the supplier field blank.

You can choose multiple Suppliers, Supplier Numbers, Buyer Names, etc. To do so follow the instructions listed below:

1. Click Select Value in the search criteria field.

2. Check the box next to the Supplier, Buyer, etc. you would like to view.

3. Repeat this process for each Supplier, Buyer, etc. you want to include in your search.

Once you have set all of your desired Search Criteria click Apply in the lower right-hand corner of the Search Criteria section.

🆘 SPS Support

If you have any additional questions regarding Order Performance Analytics changes, please reach out to our Support team at the contact information below:

✉️ Support@spscommerce.com

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