Order Performance Overview
Key Reports and Common Use Cases of Order Performance
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The Order Performance reporting dashboard provides a consistent set of metrics across five core reports to empower buying organizations to monitor supplier Fill Rates, Shipment Timeliness, and EDI document compliance. All reports can be exported to PDF, Excel, PowerPoint, or HTML formats.

Key Reports

  1. Overall Performance - Total company performance metrics.

  2. Supplier Performance - Multiple supplier performance metrics for a specified timeframe.

  3. Single Supplier Scorecard - Individual supplier performance trends over time.

  4. Product Performance - Item level performance for a specified time.

  5. Purchase Order Performance - Individual Purchase Order (PO) performance for a specified timeframe.

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Common Use Cases

  • Buying, Demand Planning, and Supply Chain teams may use reports to have data-driven discussions during monthly or quarterly reviews with suppliers (3. Single Supplier Scorecard).

  • Monthly (or weekly) review of suppliers to identify any supplier issues to be addressed (2. Supplier Performance).

  • Weekly review of newly added suppliers to monitor performance. Recommend focusing on enforcing compliance expectations early. (2. Supplier Performance or 3. Single Supplier Scorecard).

  • Reviewing item level fill rates to understand assortment and/or sourcing opportunities for items suppliers cannot fill on a consistent or timely basis.

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If you have any additional questions regarding Order Performance Analytics changes, please reach out to our Support team at the contact information below:

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