Automatically complete more fields on your documents using Doc ID Generator! This feature allows you to pick a value that will increase sequentially for each document you create.

💡 This feature is commonly used to create Invoice Numbers, Customer Order Numbers, or Advance Ship Notice Numbers.

To set up a Generator, follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to the Preferences Tab.

  2. Within the Auto Sourcing Tab, click View Doc ID Generators.

  3. Click the Add Doc ID Generators button.

  4. Enter the Starting Number field, which is required and will increase by one each time it is used.
    💡The Next Value example will display below, showing what value will populate when the next document is created using this Generator.

    1. Optional: Add a Prefix and/or Suffix to format the number in a custom way as needed.

    2. Optional: Create a Name to distinguish it from other Generators.

  5. Click the Edit link to assign the Generator to a document.

  6. Select which Partner, Document Type, and Field will be utilizing this Generator.
    ❗ Each field can only have one generator assigned to it.

  7. You can assign a single Generator to multiple Partners or Document Types by clicking the ➕ button. The Generator will sequence the values across Partners/Documents

    💡If each Partner/Document type needs a unique sequence, create a Generator for each.

Once the generator has been created, you can assign it to additional partners and fields using the method above, or within Auto Sourcing for a document following the instructions below:

  1. When completing Auto Sourcing for a document, find the field in which you would like to assign a Generator.

  2. Click the Gear Icon next to the field name

  3. In the Add Doc ID Generator section, select the generator you would like assigned to this field.

Now that the Generator has been created and assigned, each time you create a document with an assigned Generator, the value will automatically generate and populate!

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