You have the ability to check the status of your documents within the Transactions tab. Use the Search Filters to located the document in question. When you've located the document, you can use the status of the document to determine if it has been processed. It will be one of the following options:


Indicates that a document has been saved, but not yet sent. Saved documents can be edited before sending. 

In Transit

Indicates that a document has been sent, and SPS Commerce is awaiting confirmation that your Trading Partner successfully received it. If a document that has been in transit for more than 24 hours, we recommend reaching out to your Trading Partner to determine if they successfully received it.


Indicates that a document was successfully sent and received by your Trading Partner. This icon can also indicate an accepted Purchase Order Change or completed Purchase Order.

Error/Not Accepted

This icon indicates one of two things. Either a document erred within the SPS Commerce system and was not sent to your Trading Partner or the document was received by your Trading Partner and then rejected. Reach out to SPS Commerce Customer Support for documents in the status of Error or your Trading Partner for documents in the status of Not Accepted.

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