When trying to Accept or Reject a Purchase Order Change, you may come across and error message that says Failed to perform WFDS accept action

Try these four problem solving steps to resolve this error message: 

1. Ensure that you have received the original Purchase Order that correlates to the Purchase Order Change. Purchase Order Changes cannot be accepted unless the original Order is in your Fulfillment account. Use our article on Search Filters to locate the Purchase Order. If you cannot locate the original Order contact your Trading Partner to ensure the original Order has been sent.

2. Verify that you have opened, and viewed, the original Purchase Order that is being changed. If the original Order is in the status of New, you will be unable to accept or reject the Purchase Order Change. You can only accept or reject when the status of the original Order is Open.

Here is a Purchase Order with a status of New.

 Here is an example of a Purchase Order in a status of Open.

3. If the original Purchase Order is in the status of Open, ensure that there are not multiple pending Changes. If you have several Purchase Order Changes related to one original Order, the Changes need to be addressed in the order that they were received into your Fulfillment Account::

In the example above, the Changes need to be accepted starting from the Change received on February 3rd and finishing with the Change received on Feb 14th.

4. Ensure that the original Purchase Order you are trying to accept or reject a Change for has not already been canceled. In some situations, a retailer may send a Purchase Order Change canceling an Order and then send another Change to re-open the Order.  If this the case, you will not be able to accept the new Change. If this is your issue, please reach out to the SPS Customer Support team for next steps!  

If after following these steps, you are still unable to accept or reject the Purchase Order Change please reach out to SPS Customer Support using Messenger!

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