Auto Sourcing Rules allow you to create conditional when/then statements, or rules, to save time on data entry. This is helpful when more flexible data entry is necessary, for example, if you have multiple Ship From addresses for a Trading Partner, but still want to save time on the Advance Ship Notice! 

To utilize Auto Sourcing Rules, follow the steps listed below: 

  • Click on the Preferences tab.  Auto Sourcing is the first section within Preferences. 

  • Search for the Trading Partner you wish to work with. 

  • Select the specific document you wish to work with. 

  • Click on the Rules tab. 

  • Click Add a New Rule.  You have the ability to name the rule if you would like!

  • Select the fields for your WHEN/THEN statement.  For example, When you enter the name of your warehouse, Then have a corresponding address sources in.

  • Click the Add icon to continue adding rules. For example, adding rules for every field you want sourced in when the warehouse name is entered such as the City, State and Zip Code. Required fields are marked with a star to the left of the field name.

  • Once you've created your rules, click Save at the top of the form. 

  • Ensure the switch next to activated? is toggled to blue.

Now, the next time you create your Advance Ship Notice for that Trading Partner, enter in the Ship From Name and the rest of the address information will source in, saving you valuable time! 

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