What Does "In Transit" Mean?

In Transit is a document status used to signify that SPS Commerce is awaiting acknowledgement from your Trading Partner that your document has been successfully received.

Your Trading Partner communicates acceptance to SPS Commerce using a Functional Acknowledgement (EDI 997). Once a Functional Acknowledgement has been received, the status of your document will automatically change to Accepted.

When Do I Need to Take Action?

If a document has been in the status of In Transit for more than 24 hours you will see an Alert next to the document.

If you see this alert:

  1. Reach out to your Trading Partner, and confirm whether or not the document was received. 

  2. If they have not received the document, please reach out to SPS Commerce Customer Support, either through Messenger or phone at 1-888-739-3232, Option 1, 1.

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