Once the Key ID for your company has been set by an Administrative User, follow the steps listed below to import your list of items for use in Fulfillment. 

  1. From within the Item Sourcing tab, click Item Imports.

2. Click Download Template and enter your item information into the downloaded template.  Remember, don't delete or change any of the columns as this will cause an error when uploading.  Save a copy of your item list so you can quickly edit the same template as future updates are needed.

3. Drag your completed template to the center of the screen, or click browse for a file,  to begin uploading your items. All uploads need to be in an .xlsx format. Your file will be validated for size, type and accuracy of item data and valid items will be imported into your item list.

There are three sections within Item Imports that you can use to track your imports: In Progress, Completed, and Failed.

  • In Progress -  Allows you to track your item import as it passes through the various phases of validation.

  • Completed – Displays a list of successful file uploads. Please note that just because a file imported successfully that does not mean all items imported successfully. Each import will display the number of Items Imported, Items Failed, and validation Errors**.

  • Failed – Displays a list of unsuccessful file imports and at which stage during the validation process the import failed. Common errors include, the wrong file type (not .XLSX) and file size (less than 15MB).

**If applicable, click on Errors to see a full report of errors within your file import. This report will list the Row Number, Column Name, Error Type, and a Correction Tip. Correct any errors in your .XLSX and re-import the file.


If you used the Item Repository tool in WebForms, download your items from that database using the WebForms Item Data option. All items from this database will need to be re-imported to Fulfillment.

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