Within your Fulfillment account, you may have the ability to access shipping labels from the Advance Ship Notices you send to your Trading Partners. Fulfillment creates these labels, and bar codes, based on information entered on the document. It is our recommendation to utilize Fulfillment generated labels if they are available. 

If you do not wish to utilize the Fulfillment generated labels, you will need to generate your shipping labels internally.  To ensure accurate data flow, you will need to utilize the Using Own Label Numbers and Container ID fields when you do create your Advance Ship Notice

To do so, please follow the steps below: 

  1. Within your Advance Ship Notice, check the Using Own Label Numbers box* on the Header tab. *If you accidentally click this box, and wish to use Fulfillment generated labels, create a new Advance Ship Notice and ensure this box remains unchecked. 

  2. Navigate to the Order tab. 

  3. The First Container ID field is where you will enter the number from your self-generated shipping label. This number should be exactly twenty characters long and should not contain letters.*

*If the number from your shipping label does not follow this criteria, you cannot generate an Advance Ship Notice through Fulfillment using the Using Own Label Numbers feature. In this instance, we advise reaching out to your Trading Partner to discuss. 

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