Please allow up to an hour for documents to post to the portal after being sent.

If documents do not post to the Activity tab in the Testing Portal after an hour of being sent, below are common reasons why documents do not post to the portal.

We recommend verifying your mapping against the specifications in the Testing Portal, as documents not posting typically means there is something incorrect with the format or data in the document(s) sent.

  1. Incorrect sender or receiver ISA or GS ID’s (Make sure you’re sending to your partners TESTING ID)

  2. Incorrect EDI Version (5010 VS 4010 ect)

  3. Trading Partnership not setup on vendor side to send documents to SPS: Whether this is a VAN (Commercevan) connection, AS2 mailbox created for testing, or the FTP folder created for testing.

  4. Incorrect PO Number. Please follow test cases matrix very closely. This was contained in the original welcome email and lays out exactly which documents need to be returned against each specific PO.

  5. Errors with Pack Structure/HL loops

  6. Bad delimiters. For testing purposes, you will want to use standard common delimiters like asterisk * for element separators etc.

  7. Batching documents. For testing purposes, please break out and send documents individually to allow them to process to the correct testing scenario.

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