While the 997 is a basic document. Sometimes 997s do not post to the Testing Portal for the common reasons listed below.

If you verify the below items are not valid, please contact the EDI Testing & Certification team and we will be happy to look into them.

  1. Incorrect sender or receiver ISA or GS IDs: (Make sure you’re sending to your partners TESTING ID)

  2. Incorrect EDI Version: (5010 VS 4010 ect)

  3. Batching documents: For testing purposes, please separate and send all return documents individually so the documents will flow to the correct testing scenario.

  4. Missing AK2 segment: where the below items should be translated over from the original document:

  • ST01 --> AK201

  • ST02 -->AK202

5. Your 997 was sent over 14 days after the latest test PO was sent. Your trading partner typically expects to receive a functional acknowledgment within 48 hours of receiving a PO. Please work with the Testing & Certification team to get test POs resent, where you will need to send a 997 based off the new POs.

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