Auto Sourcing is a feature of Fulfillment that allows you to save time on data entry by setting default information that does not change from document to document that you send to your Trading Partners. 

Before setting up Auto Sourcing, we recommend creating a return document in Fulfillment and identifying the fields that would be good to default! For example, if you need to enter the same charge on every Invoice you send to your Trading Partner, that’s a great place to utilize Auto Sourcing! 

Please note that you will need to set up defaults in Auto Sourcing on a per document and Trading Partner basis.

To access, and set up, Auto Sourcing follow the instructions listed below: 

  1. Click on the Preferences tab in the Fulfillment navigation bar. Auto Sourcing is the first section within Preferences.

  2. Search for the Trading Partner you wish to work with. 

  3. Select the specific document you wish to work with.

  4. Within the Basic tab click the + signs until you find the fields you would like to default. Required fields for the document are marked with a star next to the field name.

  5. Once you've filled out the fields you want to default, click Save at the top of the form. 

  6. Ensure the switch next to Activated? is toggled to blue. Now any future documents you create for this Trading Partner will source in that information!

Please note that Basic Auto Sourcing is static and cannot be flexible, eg. storing multiple Charges.  For more dynamic Auto Sourcing, check out our Auto Sourcing Rules article.

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