Workflow refers to all required return documents related to a Purchase Order. Your workflow may look different from Trading Partner to Trading Partner depending on their requirements. Required return documents will always appear under the Workflow on the right side of your screen when viewing a document!

How do I complete and manage my workflow?

There are various ways within Fulfillment to manage and complete the workflow for a document you received from your Trading Partner:

  • Workflow: Create return documents using the at-a-glace Workflow on the right side of your screen when viewing a document in Fulfillment. Click New to create a return document.
  • Actionable Insights: Actionable Insights appear across the top of your Overview tab. Activating additional Actionable Insights can help manage workflows within Fulfillment. To learn more about how to activate additional Actionable Insights, click here

Show Related Documents: When viewing documents in Detail View in the Transactions tab use the Show Related Documents icon to view the workflow. This view will also show any return documents that have already been created and their status within your Fulfillment account. 

Leveraging these features will help you better manage your workflow and ensure that you are creating and sending all required return documents to your Trading Partners. 

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