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How do I download my complete catalog of items?
How do I download my complete catalog of items?
Use Export Catalog to receive your complete Assortment catalog via email.
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The Export Catalog button allows you to download a copy of your entire catalog from SPS Commerce Assortment. Complete the steps below:

1. Click Export Catalog in the upper right corner of the Items Tab.

2. The catalog will be sent to the email address you are logged in with. You can add additional email addresses if needed.

3. Click Export Catalog

4. The email will contain a zip folder containing your catalog with up to 3,000 items. If your catalog contains more the 3,000 items, there will be multiple files.

Depending on the number of items in your catalog it may take a few hours or over 24 hours to properly send the catalog to your email.

The Catalog export will reflect any changes to items made within Assortment.

The Catalog received is formatted to be used with Item import. If needed, make changes within the Export file (while keeping the same format), and reupload the document to Assortment.

The Exports tab displays a history of exports and the export status.

  • The paper airplane icon indicates the export email was sent.

  • A copy of the catalog may be downloaded within seven days of the export within Assortment by clicking the Download icon next to the completed export.

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