Question: What is ‘Selection Code’?

Defined as: The vendor-created item category identifier. A Selection Code is a 3 digit number created
by you to establish a logical product hierarchy or category system for your products.

If your business produced tables and chairs, your selection codes could define two groups of products:

Selection code: 100
Selection code description: tables

election code: 200
Selection code description: chairs

The correct information for your products should be entered in the Selection
Code and Selection Code Description columns for each item. You can create as many or as few selection codes as you like but each item in your catalog information must be represented by included in a selection code.

Question: What is my ‘product code’?

Defined as: The vendor-created subcategory identifier


Using the tables and chair example from the selection code article product codes may be as follows:

Product code: 100DINING
Product code description: Dining room tables

Product code: 100COFFEE
Product code description: Coffee Tables

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