Rather than going out to the Carrier website to book the shipment and then coming back to enter carrier information into Fulfillment, you can book the shipment right in Fulfillment with Carrier Service.

This saves significant time and also reduces the risk for errors, as you do not need to transfer information back and forth between Fulfillment and your Carrier's portal.

To book a shipment in Fulfillment, follow the steps below:

1. Complete the Advance Ship Notice on the Header, Carrier, and Order Tab.

2. (Optional) Shop for the best carrier rate - Learn more here.

3. Click Book Shipment.

4. You will be prompted to Print your Carrier Label(s).

If changes are needed after the shipment has been booked, discard the shipment by clicking the Discard Carrier Shipment button, make the necessary change and re-book.

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